100th Episode Spectacular

What is an "EmpowerApps"? Where did come from? Where is it going? How do you pronounce "knowledgable"? Check this episode out!

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About the Show

  • How it got started
  • Difference between interviewee and interviewer
  • Why it's important to get help
  • Planning vs Flexibility
  • Leo's Year(s) in Review
  • Adjusting to working from home during 😷
  • Producing a video and audio version
  • How do guests and topics work?
  • Future of the Show

Big 5 Topics

  • SwiftUI/Functional Programming
  • Large Complex Apps/Patterns and Practices/DevOps
  • Server-Side Swift
  • Indie Apps
  • Leadership/Communication and Organization


  • Questions and Answers
  • Future Plans

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