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Apple Watch Series 4

In this episode, Leo and Theresa talk about the new Apple Watch Series 4. How useful are the new health features? What complications will be useful on the new display? How should apps be updated on the new watch? What kind of industries should think about having an app on the watch? What's the future of other smart watches?

iPhone Xs vs iPhone Xs Max vs iPhone Xr

In this episode, Leo and Theresa talk about the new iPhones for 2018: the iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, and iPhone Xr. Whether it's worth getting the Xs? Is the Xs Max too big or just right? How does the Xr fit in the market? How can developers utilize these new phones? What updates should be coming to apps in machine learning, photography, and screen layout?

Low-Cost Macs - MacBook Air & Mac Mini

There are rumors this year of new Mac Minis and a budget MacBook (i.e. MacBook Air replacement). What do people use Mac Minis for? What could be the reasoning behind Apple making new models? What is the use case for a new budget MacBook? How will new budget MacBooks compete with iPads?

September 12th Apple Event - iPhone and Apple Watch 2018

In this episode, Leo and Theresa discuss what the Apple September event might be about based on the current rumors. - Why are people so interested in larger phones? - Is this the first Apple event with no new Home Button iPhones? - How does a more affordable large phone compete with Android? - How is Apple giving us more display and less bezel on the iPhone, iPad, and the Apple Watch?

WWDC 2018 - What Does It Mean For Businesses?

In this episode, we talk about WWDC 2018 and what it means for the technology industry and businesses. We talk iOS 12, Mojave, and dessert.

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