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Indie Dev #1 - Dark Noise by Charlie Chapman

In the first episode of our series on indie development, we chat with Charlie Chapman, indie dev behind Dark Noise and host of Launched.fm.

2021 - Year in Review with Peter Witham

Peter Witham joins the show nearly 6 months after he was last on to talk about 2021 in the Swift and Apple space. Did WWDC and the new OSes meet expectations? What's the future of iPadOS? Where are the pain points with SwiftUI? What is the future for devs in the space as pressure mounts on Apple from outside governments and court cases?

Connecting Wirelessly with Gui Rambo

Leo is joined again by Gui Rambo, one half of the Stacktrace podcast and developer, about his experience developing AirBuddy, a powerful Mac app for AirPods users. Specifically we talk about the Bluetooth API, Multipeer Connectivity, the Nearby Interaction API as well as our issues with AirPods today.

Objective-C Today with Graham Lee

In this episode, Leo invites Graham Lee, Senior Research Software Engineer at the University of Oxford, who's been writing Objective-C for over 20 years and brings his experience to talk about what Swift developers should know about Objective-C and how the language works.

What is Firebase with Peter Friese

In this episode, Leo chats with Peter Friese about everything Firebase. We talk the variety of services, how to query Firestore properly, doing security right, ananymous authentication, SwiftUI, GCP and Swift, and more...

Expert Swift with Shai Mishali

In this episode, Leo is joined by Shai Mishali to chat about the new Ray Wenderlich he collaborated on: Expert Swift. They deep dive into topics like Codable, Objective-C Interop, and API Design.

Mac Dev in 2021 with Daniel Jalkut

In this episode, Leo chats with Daniel Jalkut again. They cover the September Apple Event, SwiftUI on the Mac, migrating from Objective-C, AppleScript vs Shortcuts and more.

Navigating DocC with Ellen Shapiro

In this episode, Leo chats with Ellen Shapiro of Apollo GraphQL about DocC how to get started, how to do Tutorials and Articles, where it falls short, and what open-sourcing might mean. Also there was an Apple event or something?

In-App Purchases and the StoreKit API with Andy Boedo

Leo chats with Andy Boedo of RevenueCat about the current changes coming to StoreKit 2 as well as the how court decisions will change the way developers interact with the App Store and deal with In-App Purchases.

Learning From Your App Store Competitors with Ariel Mitcheli

In this episode, Leo is joined by returning guest Ariel Mitcheli from AppFigures to talk about what's new in App Store Optimization this year as well as how we can learn from our competitors when trying to get our app found on the App Store.

How to Learn New APIs with Stewart Lynch - Part 2

In the second part of this interview, Leo and Stewart talk about re-learning stuff, iOS 15 challenges, finding the content for you, WWDC videos, and whether you should spend money on courses.

How to Learn New APIs with Stewart Lynch - Part 1

In this episode, Leo chats with Youtuber and Educator Stewart Lynch about his journey learning and teaching Swift and what's he sees are the best ways to learn a new API.

100th Episode Spectacular

What is an "EmpowerApps"? Where did come from? Where is it going? How do you pronounce "knowledgable"? Check this episode out!

Practical Entrepreneur with Donny Wals

In this episode, Leo and guest Donny Wals talk about their experience going on their own and starting their own businesses.

Async, Await, and Combine with Marin Todorov

In this episode, Leo talks with Marin Todorov about all the new updates with Async/Await, AsyncSequence, AsyncStream as well as Combine. We also talk about a certain project Marin worked on at Apple.

Day One App Ideas with Mikaela Caron

In this episode, Leo chats with Mikaela Caron about their favorite app ideas for day one release of iOS 15 as well as how Mikaela went from manufacturing engineering to a profession iOS developer.

Localization with Zach Brass

In this episode, Leo talks with Zach Brass about localization, internationalization and making sure your app reaches a global audience. We also talk about all the new additions to localization from WWDC 2021 like AttributedString.

Swift Playgrounds with Steve Lipton

In this episode, Leo is joined once again by Steve Lipton of LinkedIn Learning and MakeAppPie about the future of Swift Playgrounds.

iPad Development with Adam Shaw

In this episode, Leo is joined by Adam Shaw, developer at Bonobo Labs and Moleskine Studio. We talk about iPadOS 15 and developing apps for the iPad in 2021: Supporting multiple sizes, Apple Pencil, Pointer and Keyboards; as well as differences with the Mac and iPhone and issues with the iPad app market.

Test-Driven Development in Swift with Gio Lodi

In this episode, Leo is joined by Gio Lodi, author of Test-Driven Development in Swift with SwiftUI and Combine. We talk about how to do TDD with Swift but also SwiftUI and Combine as well as the new features revealed at WWDC 2021 like Async/Await, Xcode Cloud, expected failures, and test repetitions.

WWDC 2021 - Platforms State of the Union with Peter Witham

In this episode, Leo is joined by Peter Witham to discuss the Platforms State of the Union: Xcode Cloud, Async/Await & Actors, Building Apps on the iPad, Focus & DND, ScreenTime API, Shareplay API and more...

Fastlane with Josh Holtz

In this episode, Leo talks with John Holtz, lead maintainer of Fastlane. They talk about integrating Fastlane, advanced features in Fastlane, and what devs should know about it.

AWS and SOTO with Adam Fowler

In this episode, Leo talks with Adam Fowler the lead developer of SOTO, the leading Swift library for Amazon Web Services on the Server. We talk about using SOTO for S3, DynamoDB, as well as Cognito. We also discuss the power of AWS Lambdas and Adam's new project Hummingbird.

Cryptography with Marcin Krzyżanowski

In this episode, Leo talks with Marcin Krzyżanowski creator of CryptoSwift, Swift Studio and the Online Swift Playground about Cryptography and WWDC 2021.

Conferences with John Wilker

In this episode, Leo talks with John Wilker organizer of 360 Conferences including 360iDev. We talk about organizing conferences amidst the pandemic and transitioning back to in-person conferences. We also give our take on the upcoming WWDC 2021.

Core Data Fun with Tim Mitra

In this episode, Leo talks with Tim Mitra about his latest project using Core Data, CloudKit and SwiftUI. We also chat about podcasting and more.

Third-Party APIs with Christian Selig

In this episode, Leo chats with Christian Selig creator of Apollo about his process and the challenges with developing an app based around a third-party API like Reddit... also we talk about 🥫 spaghetti sauce🍝 and new Coke🥤

AWS Amplify with Kilo Loco

In this episode, Leo talks with Kyle Lee otherwise known as Kilo Loco about AWS Amplify and how it helps iOS developers setup their full-stack application.

Automation Fun with Jared Sorge

In this episode, Leo talks with Jared Sorge of Xcoders about how they automate some of the components of their Xcode build and the tools they use.

Interviewing Tips with Kim Arnett

In this episode, Leo talks with Kim Arnett about her interviewing and hiring experiences and what she's learned to improve the process for the candidate and the company as well.

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