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Patterns and Practices for Scalable Apps

In this episode, Leo discusses some patterns and practices for keeping your app scalable and easily maintained.

Notifications with Kaya Thomas

In this episode, Leo talks with Kaya Thomas about how to use notifications in your app and why they are important.

Handling Errors Correctly with Jeff Kelley

In this episode, Leo talks with Jeff Kelley from Detroit Labs about handing, tracking and test errors and when they can happen.

Managing Code Quality with Anne Cahalan

In this episode, Leo talks with Anne Cahalan about maintaining good code quality, helping your team, automation, and good code reviews.

Accessibility with Kim Arnett

In this episode, Leo talks with Kim Arnett of Expedia, about the importance of accessibility and how to make it part of your team’s development process.

Machine Learning with Kevin Scott

In this episode, Leo talks with Kevin Scott, Machine Learning expert about how to get started with Machine Learning and what are some applications for machine learning.

Upgrading Your Skills in 2020 with Paul Hudson

In this episode, Leo is joined by Paul Hudson of about how to upgrade your skills and your team’s skills in 2020.

SwiftUI - The Good, the Bad, and the Benefits

In this episode, Leo talks about what he's learned using SwiftUI, where he sees it's the right fit, where it's not quite ready, and some solutions to common problems people have with it.

Server-Side Swift with Tim Condon

In this episode, Leo talks with Tim Condon about Server-Side Swift and the Vapor Web Framework: how it fits into the development of an application now, why you’d choose it, and what it takes to get started.

2020 Developer Wish List with Alex Bush

In this episode, Leo is joined by Alex Bush of Inside iOS Dev podcast to talk about their developer wish list for 2020.

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