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Future Proofing Your Apps with Gui Rambo

In this episode, Leo talks with Gui Rambo about how current apps could be built while taking into account possible future hardware from Apple.

Quickie: Swift UI and 2020 Trends

In this quick video, Leo goes over his thoughts on 2020 and what the future holds for SwiftUI.

Managing iOS Development with Peter Witham

In this episode, Leo talks with Peter Witham of the CompileSwift podcast about managing iOS development teams and dealing with new technologies.

Apple Hardware 2019 with Paul J Schmidt

In this episode we talk with Paul J Schmidt of Uno Deuce Multimedia about the iPhone 11 and the Mac lineup and how it affects his business and others especially in the area of multimedia production.

Media Outreach with Jeff Gamet

In this episode we talk with Jeff Gamet from Smile about how to get how to get your message to media, bloggers, and podcasters about your app.

App Store Optimization with Ariel Michaeli

In this episode we talk with Ariel Michaeli of App Figures about integrating App Store Optimization with the marketing and development process of building an app.

Hiring an iOS Developer with John Knox

In this episode we talk with John Knox about Business of Software conference, hiring an iOS developer, and getting hired as an iOS developer.

Continuous Integration with Kyle Newsome

In this episode we talk with Kyle Newsome about continuous integration with iOS and other Apple platforms development.

Modularizing in Xcode with Abbey Jackson

In this episode we talk with Abbey Jackson about how to improve testing and reliability with modularizing your iOS applications in Xcode.

September 2019 Event

In this special episode, Leo talks briefly about the September event this year: specifically what does Apple Arcade and Apple TV+ mean for the app business, can the iPad be a serious laptop competitor, iPhone is now a "professional" camera, the continued improvements to the Apple Watch and its battery, and lastly the maturity of the smartphone and it's affect on the app business.

Developing for Multiple Platforms with Manton Reece

In this episode we talk with Manton Reece about his experience developing for multiple Apple platforms as well as building his audience, monetization, other aspects of building an app.

WWDC 2019 - Mac Development with Daniel Jalkut

In this episode we talk with Daniel Jalkut of Red Sweater Software about what’s new in Mac Development post-WWDC 2019.

WWDC 2019 - Swift UI with Jason Anderson

In this episode we talk with Jason Anderson about Swift UI and reactive Swift post-WWDC 2019.

WWDC 2019 - Apple Watch with Gary Sabo

In this episode we talk with Gary Sabo about the Apple Watch post-WWDC 2019. We talk about Independent Watch Apps, Swift UI and watchOS 6, HealthKit, Fitness apps and more.

Subcontracting with Joe Cieplinski

In this episode we talk with Joe Cieplinski of Breakpoint Studio and Release Notes about the challenges and benefits companies and freelancers face in a subcontracting relationship.

Cross Platform Comparison with Rob Kerr

In this episode we talk with Rob Kerr (@rekerrsive), mobile development consultant, about cross platform developer tools such as Ionic, React Native, Xamarin, Flutter, and others. We compare them with native Swift development and talk about how Swift UI might change that landscape.

Test-Driven Development with Joshua Greene and Michael Katz

In this episode we talk with Joshua Greene and Michael Katz, authors of iOS Test Driven Development by Tutorials. In this episode, we talk about: - Why is test-driven development is important for any dev team? - How is TDD best employed with iOS development - What are some exceptions to test-driven development?

iOS App Architecture with René Cacheaux and Josh Berlin

In this episode, we talk with René Cacheaux and Josh Berlin, authors of Advanced iOS App Architecture. In this episode, we talk about: how a company can foster healthy iOS Architectures with their iOS developers and what makes good architectures.

Apple and Video with Paul J Schmidt

In this episode, we talk with Paul J Schmidt, Creative Video Strategist for Uno Deuce Multimedia. In this episode, we talk about: - Apple’s positioning in the streaming market, - Get started with Video using iPhones, iPads, and Macs - Running a video production company

iOS Developer Interviews with Alex Bush

In this episode we talk with Alex Bush (@alex_v_bush), Author of @iosinterviewgd and co-host of @insideiosdev. Alex talks about the process of interviewing potential iOS developers, what are some questions employers should ask, and what makes an iOS developer different from other developer positions.

External Developers with Jaim Zuber

In this episode, we talk with Jaim Zuber of Sharp Five Software of what companies should know when hiring an outside contract developer.

Business and IT Applications

In this episode, Leo goes over some of the apps for the Mac, iPad, and iPhone which are used to create, organize or manage for businesses. These include apps for creating video and audio work, managing your social media on the go, dealing with accounting and financials, scheduling meetings and managing communication.

iPad Apps for Businesses and Pros

With the possibility of new iPad apps out in March, Leo talks about the status of business and professional apps on the iPad. How has it expanded? What are its limitation both in development and monetization? What are some ways to deliver professional and business applications for the iPad?

Cloud and Backend Services For Apps

In this episode, Leo talks different backend technologies to use when building an iOS app or any other Apple device: when you need a cloud service, running on your own server, cloudkit, firebase, and more...

Apple 2019

In this episode, Leo talks about the current state of Apple in 2019 and how it affects businesses and developers: the slow down in smartphone sales, the future for macs, services and business, the cloud and developers, and more...

Project Estimation

In this episode, Leo and Theresa talk about how the process of going from a customer's idea to a proposal happens. These also include: what features to consider, how much involvement might be needed to get a proposal, budgets, timelines and more...

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