2021 - Year in Review with Peter Witham

2021 - Year in Review with Peter Witham

Peter Witham joins the show nearly 6 months after he was last on to talk about 2021 in the Swift and Apple space. Did WWDC and the new OSes meet expectations? What's the future of iPadOS? Where are the pain points with SwiftUI? What is the future for devs in the space as pressure mounts on Apple from outside governments and court cases?


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Show Notes

  • Future of WWDC and Tech Talks
  • What will be the next big thing next year?
  • How can iPadOS improve?
  • How should code start using Async/await?
  • Problems with macOS Monterey
  • Where are the pain points for SwiftUI?
  • Who should start using Xcode Cloud?
  • What's next for the App Store, Developers, and the courts?
...and the big announcement!

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Leo Dion
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