iOS Developer Interviews with Alex Bush

In this episode we talk with Alex Bush (@alex_v_bush), Author of @iosinterviewgd and co-host of @insideiosdev. Alex talks about the process of interviewing potential iOS developers, what are some questions employers should ask, and what makes an iOS developer different from other developer positions.

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What makes interviewing iOS Developers special?

Common mistakes employers make interviewing iOS candidates

  • Not understanding their own app
    • Hiring a consultant to help estimate and understand what iOS knowledge is nessecary
  • Not understanding the phase their app and whether general iOS developers are needed as opposed to iOS developers with specialties
  • Algorithms and Optimization Interview Questions

Interview Questions about building a UI in iOS

  • Finding out whether the applicant understands the pros and cons of various methods: Storyboards, Coding, etc...
  • Make sure they are willing to work with the team

Common mistakes iOS developer applicants and candidates make

  • Not having broad knowledge of various solutions an app may need: Data Storage, Networking, UI...
  • Some Backend Knowledge

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