Test-Driven Development with Joshua Greene and Michael Katz

In this episode we talk with Joshua Greene and Michael Katz, authors of iOS Test Driven Development by Tutorials. In this episode, we talk about: - Why is test-driven development is important for any dev team? - How is TDD best employed with iOS development - What are some exceptions to test-driven development?


Book - iOS Test Driven Development


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Show Notes

The Components of Test-Driven Development
  • Keep Your Iterations Small
  • Test First 
  • Circular Progress of Testing and Developing Functionality
  • Avoid Testing other APIs (i.e. Integration Testing)
  • Use Mock Data for Outside Dependencies
  • Behavioral Driven Development vs XCTest
How to Encourage TDD in Your Team and Company
  • Make sure Maintainability and Specs are Met
  • Prevent Regressions with New Features
  • Regular Code Reviews
  • Tests Should Be Required Before Deployment
  • Encourage a Culture of Testing
  • Slow Add Tests to Projects Missing Them
Common Mistakes When Doing Test Driven Development
  • Following the Golden Pathand not testing edge cases and errors
  • Following Test Coverage too strictly or not enough
  • Use Multiple Test Targets
  • Write Tests First
For Experimenting with New APIs
  • Use Spike Solutions to Experiment
  • Write Temporary Tests
  • Use Playground to Test Code
Continuous Integration Tools
  • Jenkins
  • Travis-CI
  • CircleCI
  • Xcode Server
  • Fastlane
  • New Performance Tests
  • Test Plan for Xcode
  • SwiftUI, Live Previews, and Modeling

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