Cross Platform Comparison with Rob Kerr

In this episode we talk with Rob Kerr (@rekerrsive), mobile development consultant, about cross platform developer tools such as Ionic, React Native, Xamarin, Flutter, and others. We compare them with native Swift development and talk about how Swift UI might change that landscape.


Why should companies go with a cross-platform solution?

  • Consistent User Experience (whether that's a good idea or not)
  • Synchronicity in Code Base
  • Budget - Use existing team expertise 

What are the differences between cross-platform solutions?

  • Web Based - Cordova, Ionic, PhoneGap
  • Bridging Solution - Flutter, React Native, NativeScript
  • Language Based - Xamarin - Use C# to Call Native API

What are the challenges with cross-platform solution?

  • Dependent on Vendor Support
    • Dev teams need to keep Cross-Platform Tooling up to date
  • Using a Specific API (Metal, HealthKit, etc…) 
    • May not be supported by Cross-Platform Tool
  • There may be instances such as UI - you want differences between devices

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