Subcontracting with Joe Cieplinski

In this episode we talk with Joe Cieplinski of Breakpoint Studio and Release Notes about the challenges and benefits companies and freelancers face in a subcontracting relationship.


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Why Should You Be A Subcontractor?
  • An Agency needs flexibility and an extra developer for a project
  • An Agency needs a special expertise (i.e. HealthKit, WatchKit, etc…)
  • Fill a need for a particular platform and expertise (i.e. iOS) on team with other platform developers
Things to Consider for iOS Developers
  • Have a portfolio and resume - help the agency sell you to other companies
  • Be a T-shaped developer - know the how to build an iOS app but also have a special expertise in an area
  • Consider being a consultant - help build iOS development teams for companies while also making more money
  • Know developers of other platforms - such as Android - if you can work with them then this provides even more value to the agency
Challenges of Being a Subcontractor
  • Giving up Flexibility - you can be dropped at anytime because you only filling a role till a full-time employee is hired
  • Communication and Management - Understood Your Role Within the Structure
  • Don't Talk Money with Client Directly - Discussions on Money and Time should go though the agency always not directly with the client
  • Don’t Sell Yourself as an Individual - remember you represent the agency
  • Listen to the Team - Follow the agency and client’s protocols and guidelines such as their coding style, etc…
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