WWDC 2019 - Apple Watch with Gary Sabo

In this episode we talk with Gary Sabo about the Apple Watch post-WWDC 2019. We talk about Independent Watch Apps, Swift UI and watchOS 6, HealthKit, Fitness apps and more.


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Thoughts on WWDC

Independent Apple Watch Apps

  • Why does Apple Watch apps need iPhone app counterparts?
  • iPhone Counterparts of Apple Watch workout apps are for visualization
  • Slow Deprecation of WatchConnectivity
  • How do you syncing certain data between Apple Watch and iPhone?
    • HealthKit ,StoreKit, etc…
  • What’s the position of the iPhone in the future with AR and the Apple Watch?
  • SwiftUI on the Apple Watch
  • The new Apple Watch App Store

Where’s the Focus of the Apple Watch

  • Health and Fitness - Niche Fitness
  • Advanced Notifications
  • Location Tracking - GPS and Indoor Positioning System (Indoor GPS)
  • Accessibility and Haptic Feedback
  • More Sensors in the Future?

Maturity of HealthKit

  • Lacking Inability to Edit
  • Apple Partnering with Health Companies
  • Allowing HealthKit on iPad and macOS?

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