Apple Hardware 2019 with Paul J Schmidt

Apple Hardware 2019 with Paul J Schmidt

In this episode we talk with Paul J Schmidt of Uno Deuce Multimedia about the iPhone 11 and the Mac lineup and how it affects his business and others especially in the area of multimedia production.


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  • Specialize in helping businesses build apps for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch
  • 10 years of experience developing for a variety of Apple platform
  • Helping dev shops which lack experience with Apple platforms and Swift

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AirPods Pro

  • Improved Sound Quality and Battery
  • Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode
  • Possibly A First Attempt at Audio Augmented Reality

iPhone 11

  • Video Recording Updates
  • Filmic Pro
  • Frame Rate Improvements
  • What's the advantage for Max Vs. Plus?
  • Night Mode, Deep Fusion, and other camera improvements

iPads and Macs for Professionals

  • Are iPads ready for Profession Video Editing?
  • Adobe Premier vs Adobe Rush
  • iMac Pro vs Mac Pro
  • Intel vs ARM

iOS 13 and Catalina

  • Is there a need to upgrade for non-developers?
  • When will iOS 13 be ready?
  • Issues with 64-bit only on Catalina
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Leo Dion
Leo Dion
Swift developer for Apple devices and more; Founder of BrightDigit; husband and father of 6 adorable kids
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