Quickie: Swift UI and 2020 Trends

Quickie: Swift UI and 2020 Trends

In this quick video, Leo goes over his thoughts on 2020 and what the future holds for SwiftUI.

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Maturity for the iPhone

  • Unlikely to see any big hardware innovations at this point
  • Maybe foldable
  • Great time to get an app on here, because it’s a mature product
  • 11 not a huge change from the 10 (but definite upgrade from the 8)

Apple Watch Innovation

  • Waiting for some improvements to battery and processor, but this is about to become an amazing product
  • Great time to think about developing an app, esp. in the health & fitness sector

iPads and the Pro App Market

  • Apple Arcade shows Apple is interested in a subscription/bundle for games
  • Highlighted new iPad but where are the serious pro apps
  • Why having a subscription for app/games is great
  • Hardware is great, but software needs to improve app ecosystem
  • The App store eco system is still setup for “casual” apps for there is potent

Swift UI

  • SwiftUI is changing the way UI is developed but slowly
  • First Swift-only API (no Objective-C compatibility)
  • Maybe not be ideal for some companies with different design patterns but it’s a better starting place then Storyboards and UIKit
  • Cross-Platform compatible with iOS, watchOS, tvOS, and macOS
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Leo Dion
Leo Dion
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