Machine Learning with Kevin Scott

In this episode, Leo talks with Kevin Scott, Machine Learning expert about how to get started with Machine Learning and what are some applications for machine learning.


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What is Machine Learning

  • Teaching Machines to Predict Based On Data
  • Having Machines Mimic Behavior
  • Subgroup with Artificial Intelligence

How Developers and Companies Can Get Started 

What are the different types of Machine Learning?

  • Statistical Learning using Structured Data
  • Transfer Learning with Neural Networks
  • Model Training 

Examples and Usage of Machine Learning

  • Predictions Based On Structured Data
  • Sound Filtering
  • Computational Photography
  • Image Classification and Enhancement
  • Health Care (while respecting Privacy)
  • Augmented Reality
  • Audio Transcription

Where And How To Implement ML

  • Any Apps which use Rich Media (i.e. Image, Audio, etc...)
  • Server-Side vs Client-Side
  • Future of using ML with Text
  • What's the future of Machine Learning

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