Notifications with Kaya Thomas

In this episode, Leo talks with Kaya Thomas about how to use notifications in your app and why they are important.


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Why Notifications Are Important

  • Can encourage user engagement 
  • Notify of updates and messages
  • Need to be trustworthy and needless
  • Onboarding helps make Notifications more welcoming

What are the different types of Notifications?

  • Local vs Remote Push Notifications
  • Remote Notifications are ideal for complex logic and messaging
  • How Rich Notifications Work

What are the challenges in implementation of Notifications?

  • Using Enums to Implement Notifications
  • How Categories and Actions Work
  • Using NWPusher to Test Remote Notifications
  • Big Improvement Coming to Xcode 11.4
  • How to Unit Test with Abstractions and Mocking

How Push Notifications Work?

  • Implementing Remote Notifications on the Server
  • Using Cloud Based Services for Push Notifications such as Firebase
  • Using Beams for Testing Push Notifications
  • How APNS works
  • Dealing with APNS Issues
  • Understanding APNS Throttling

How to making Notifications part of the design process?

  • How would Notification make the app more useful?
  • Would it help the user engage more?
  • Keep complex actions in the app as opposed to the Notification UI
  • Being responsible with how Notifications are used
  • Stay up-to-date with Apple's guidelines

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Creators and Guests

Leo Dion
Leo Dion
Swift developer for Apple devices and more; Founder of BrightDigit; husband and father of 6 adorable kids
Kaya Thomas
Kaya Thomas
Futurist, Earthseed ∞ = Δ, Life-long learner 🤓 I’ve done a lot of things & have a lot of interests. Not on here much anymore but thanks for following! 💛

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