Local Database Storage on iOS with Aaron Douglas

Local Database Storage on iOS with Aaron Douglas

In this episode, Leo talks with Aaron Douglas from Automattic and Ray Wenderlich author on local database storage on iOS. Why you should do it? What the difference between SQLite and Core Data? ... and more


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Why Local Storage?

  • Local cache is import for speed and being off-line
  • Benefits of a flat file vs local database
  • Why not run a server on your iPhone?

Why SQLite

  • How SQLite works?
  • What's missing from SQLite as opposed to a relational database server?
  • How to get started with SQLite in Swift?
  • Dealing with data types in SQLite
  • What is Journaling and Why not use it?

Why CoreData

  • What is Object Relational Mapping?
  • What is an Object Graph?
  • What is a Context?
  • Why use Core Data vs SQLite?
  • Challenges in Dealing with Migrations

CoreData Tips and Tricks

  • Optimizations in CoreData
  • How to Debug CoreData
  • Building for Cross-Platform
  • Testing Different Versions
  • How Syncing to makes your app more tolerant based on API changes
  • Dealing with CloudKit
  • Dealing with SwiftUI

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Creators and Guests

Leo Dion
Leo Dion
Swift developer for Apple devices and more; Founder of BrightDigit; husband and father of 6 adorable kids
Aaron Douglas
Aaron Douglas
Engineering Lead @Shopify. Ex @automattic. Author for @rwenderlich, 🏳️‍🌈, ADHD, 🧙, remote work, runner. Occasional DJ.

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