Understanding Git with Ben Chatelain

Understanding Git with Ben Chatelain

In this episode, Leo talks with Ben Chatelain about Git. They chat about branching strategies, merging strategies, Xcode headaches, and... using emojis in your commit messages!😱🥳👏


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Git Tips and Tricks

  • Know the Git Terminal Command
  • What Xcode can help with
  • How Tower Helps
  • Gitflow vs Trunk Based
  • What are the different ways to branch
  • merge vs squash vs rebase
  • Dealing with Git Submodules 😱
  • Merging Xcode Projects and Storyboards 🤬
  • Creating great commit messages

Git Terminology

  • How is a Pull Request useful
  • How Branches work in Git
  • How to use Tags in Git
  • What is a Pull Request draft?
  • What is a Git Stash?
  • What is Gitmoji?

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Creators and Guests

Leo Dion
Leo Dion
Swift developer for Apple devices and more; Founder of BrightDigit; husband and father of 6 adorable kids
Ben Chatelain
Ben Chatelain
Polyglot software engineer building SDKs for @dittolive. Developing for 🍏iOS, 🍎macOS, 🤖Android, 🏁Windows, 🐧Linux, 🦀Rust, 🥧RPi

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