App Store Review Guidelines with Paweł Madej

In this episode, Leo chats with Paweł Madej, pharmacist turned iOS developer on his learning experience and what pitfalls devs should know about App Store reviews. We talk about what he learned during the submission process of his app CodeConf, as well as the major App Store stories of the year: Hey, Wordpress, xCloud and of course Fortnite.


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  • One of the most known conferences about Apple platforms development is going remote this year! 
  • NSSpain 2020 is an online, continuous 36 hours conference, carefully crafted by the community for the community.
  • Guests of the show Paul Hudson and Donny Wals will be speaking as well as others
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Also speaking at...

Pharmacist to iOS Dev

  • Learning Resources
  • Challenges with Documentation
  • Making CodeConf for Conference Videos
  • Using CoreML for CodeConf Subscriptions Bonus Clip
  • Building the Twitter Text Library Bonus Clip

Getting into the App Store

Other App Store Tips

  • Avoid Bugs!
  • TestFlight Reviews vs App Store Review
  • You can be rejected later!

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