Maintaining & Migrating with Antoine van der Lee - Part 1

In this episode, Leo talks with Antoine van der Lee of WeTransfer and SwiftLee about maintaining and migrating messy and old projects - how to refactor them, avoiding third party libraries, implementing a style guide, and more. Leo also gives some quick thoughts on this week Mac event with the M1 and let you know the latest in my conference appearances.


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  • One of the most known conferences about Apple platforms development is going remote this year! 
  • NSSpain 2020 is an online, continuous 36 hours conference, carefully crafted by the community for the community.
  • Guests of the show Paul Hudson, Donny Wals and Antoine van der Lee will be speaking as well as others
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On Simulators

  • RocketSim
  • Managing Multiple Simulators
  • Creating Movies and Gifs from Simulator
  • Preparing RocketSim for Big Sur

Dealing with Old Code

  • Your old code vs Someone else's old code
  • When do you need to rewrite the app?
  • How do you convince a manager?
  • Differences between agency and product work

Early Project Decisions

  • Dealing with Third-Party Dependencies
  • Refactoring by Unit Tests
  • Keeping File Size Down
  • Splitting Types with Extensions

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