App Dev Stack with Jordan Morgan

Leo is joined by Jordan Morgan of Spend Stack and Buffer. In this episode, they discuss the new changes to the App Store Revenue cut, their 2020 purchases, how to setup Leo's new M1 Mac Book Air, as well as working remotely with little ones at home in 2020.


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A cloud experience developers love
  • Great for Setting Up a Backend for Your App
  • Variety of VM Configurations and Settings
  • Reasonable Pricing Starting at $5 per month
  • Global Data Centers
  • The Developer Cloud Simplified

App Store Revenue Changes

  • Make less than a million, cut reduced from 30% to 15%
  • How it helps indie developers 
  • Alternative App Stores

Setting Up a New Dev Machine

  • Using Instruments
  • Power of Accessibility Inspector
  • Favorite Text Editor
  • GitHub App
  • Shell Configuration
  • Web Development Tools
  • Dev Application Compatibility on M1?

Working from Home in 2020

  • Benefits of a Co-Working Space
  • Keeping kids busy while working
  • Trying to keep focus in development
  • Co-working in 2020
  • Having boundaries with kids
  • Having "me-time" and being working parents in 2020

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