Cloud and Backend Services For Apps

In this episode, Leo talks different backend technologies to use when building an iOS app or any other Apple device: when you need a cloud service, running on your own server, cloudkit, firebase, and more...

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Define Whether You Do Need Cloud or Backend Services

You Do Not Need If…
  • Privacy-Sensitive Data
  • No Cloud Backups Needed
  • Already Storing Using a Third Party APIs
  • Example App Developed by BrightDigit - CE Genius
You Do Need If..
  • Multiple Devices In Sync 
  • Cloud Backups Nessecary
  • Example App Developed by Shiny Frog - Bear

What To Consider When Deciding How To Store Data?

  • MVP vs Enterprise
    • What is an MVP? Most Viable Product
  • Start With the User - Project Estimation Episode
  • What Devices Does the App Support?
  • How Complex is the Data and Queries?
  • Are Outside Jobs Needed? 
    • Such as Cron Jobs, Backups, Push Notifications, etc…
  • Consider Prices - Bandwidth and Storage
  • Consider Developer Team’s Comfort Level
  • Develop Abstracting User Experience From Data Layer

Build a Custom Web App

Virtual Machine Options
Web App Options
Database Options
Programming Options
Swift Options
Server Software Options
Other Software Considerations

Mobile Backend As A Service

Music by Roman Bulakhov from Fugue

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