Practical Entrepreneur with Donny Wals

Practical Entrepreneur with Donny Wals

In this episode, Leo and guest Donny Wals talk about their experience going on their own and starting their own businesses.


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Differences from being an Employee

  • Keep Yourself on Task
  • Balancing contract work with your product work
  • Finding the Right Clients
  • Getting Yourself Ready
  • How to decide whether you go solo
  • What's the best way to find clients for your business?
  • What are the biggest time vacuums for your business?
  • How to be prepared to leave your employer

Social Media


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Creators and Guests

Leo Dion
Leo Dion
Swift developer for Apple devices and more; Founder of BrightDigit; husband and father of 6 adorable kids
Donny Wals 👾
Donny Wals 👾
iOS Engineer, blogger, and author at Loves learning and sharing knowledge. ❤ Dorien -- #swift #ios #swiftlang #iosdev (he/him)

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