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WWDC 2021 - Platforms State of the Union with Peter Witham

In this episode, Leo is joined by Peter Witham to discuss the Platforms State of the Union: Xcode Cloud, Async/Await & Actors, Building Apps on the iPad, Focus & DND, ScreenTime API, Shareplay API and more...

Fastlane with Josh Holtz

In this episode, Leo talks with John Holtz, lead maintainer of Fastlane. They talk about integrating Fastlane, advanced features in Fastlane, and what devs should know about it.

AWS and SOTO with Adam Fowler

In this episode, Leo talks with Adam Fowler the lead developer of SOTO, the leading Swift library for Amazon Web Services on the Server. We talk about using SOTO for S3, DynamoDB, as well as Cognito. We also discuss the power of AWS Lambdas and Adam's new project Hummingbird.

Cryptography with Marcin Krzyżanowski

In this episode, Leo talks with Marcin Krzyżanowski creator of CryptoSwift, Swift Studio and the Online Swift Playground about Cryptography and WWDC 2021.

Conferences with John Wilker

In this episode, Leo talks with John Wilker organizer of 360 Conferences including 360iDev. We talk about organizing conferences amidst the pandemic and transitioning back to in-person conferences. We also give our take on the upcoming WWDC 2021.

Core Data Fun with Tim Mitra

In this episode, Leo talks with Tim Mitra about his latest project using Core Data, CloudKit and SwiftUI. We also chat about podcasting and more.

Third-Party APIs with Christian Selig

In this episode, Leo chats with Christian Selig creator of Apollo about his process and the challenges with developing an app based around a third-party API like Reddit... also we talk about 🥫 spaghetti sauce🍝 and new Coke🥤

AWS Amplify with Kilo Loco

In this episode, Leo talks with Kyle Lee otherwise known as Kilo Loco about AWS Amplify and how it helps iOS developers setup their full-stack application.

Automation Fun with Jared Sorge

In this episode, Leo talks with Jared Sorge of Xcoders about how they automate some of the components of their Xcode build and the tools they use.

Interviewing Tips with Kim Arnett

In this episode, Leo talks with Kim Arnett about her interviewing and hiring experiences and what she's learned to improve the process for the candidate and the company as well.

Game Development with Tammy Coron

In this episode, Leo talks with Tammy Coron of Just Write Code about her new book Apple Game Frameworks and Technologies. We cover SpriteKit, SceneKit, Unity as well how Tammy stays organized with all her game dev, writing, and public speaking projects.

Awaiting for Async with Vincent Pradeilles

In this episode, Leo talks with Vincent Pradeilles about the new async and await features coming to Swift. Leo and Vincent get into the challenges adopting it and the design around as well as how it helps to help with building multi-threaded asynchronous applications.

A Tour of Software Testing with Christina Moulton

Unit testing, integration testing, smoke testing... What does it all mean and how does it all work together? In this episode, Leo talks with Christina Moulton about the different types of testing, how they work, what you should prioritize and to integrate it with your teams and your iOS development processes.

Large Scale Teams with Joe Fabisevich

In this episode, Leo talks with Joe Fabisevich, iOS developer on Twitter's Health Client team. We talk about how to optimize communication and code on a large product with a large teams.

Apple Silicon Review with Gui Rambo

In this episode, Leo is joined by Gui Rambo to talk about their new M1 Macs and how it's changed the way they've developed as well as what they look forward to in 2021.

Swift Package Index with Sven A. Schmidt

In this episode, Leo talks with Sven A. Schmidt, co-creator of the Swift Package Index. We talk about the challenges of supporting thousands of Swift Packages, dealing with metrics and site ops with Vapor, running CI for the site and the plethora of Swift packages as well as Apple Silicon support.

Scaling and Security with Jeroen Leenarts

In this episode, Leo talks with Jeroen Leenarts of the AppForce1 podcast about he's learned this year being a lead developer and how he thinks teams can improve the scalability and security of their apps. He also talks about his year running a Cocoaheads meetup and starting podcast with all challenges of 2020.

Year of the Server with Tim Condon - Part 2

In this second part of our interview with Tim Condon, we follow up on Async/Await and Vapor 5, Amazon and server-side Swift, hosting, frameworks, development, and what we look forward to in 2021.

Year of the Server with Tim Condon - Part 1

In the first part of this two-part series of episodes, Leo talks with Tim Condon of Broken Hands, Swift Server Work Group member, and Vapor maintainer. We talk about the Swift Server Work Group, SwiftNIO, Server-Side Swift's growth in 2020 and Swift on Server-Side ARM.

Multi-Platform SwiftUI with Malin Sundberg

In this episode, Leo talks with Malin Sundberg about her experience building Orbit across a variety of Apple platforms using SwiftUI and what lessons she came away with.

Functional Programming with Daniel Steinberg

In this episode, Leo talks with Daniel Steinberg about functional programming, how to use it in Swift, why it's important for SwiftUI and Combine, and how to stay organized.

App Dev Stack with Jordan Morgan

Leo is joined by Jordan Morgan of Spend Stack and Buffer. In this episode, they discuss the new changes to the App Store Revenue cut, their 2020 purchases, how to setup Leo's new M1 Mac Book Air, as well as working remotely with little ones at home in 2020.

Maintaining & Migrating with Antoine van der Lee - Part 2

In this second part of our interview with Antoine van der Lee, we talk about how to upgrade older apps piecemeal, supporting older OSes, as well as bug tracking and logging. Antoine also gets a sneak peak at Leo's talk at NSSpain.

Maintaining & Migrating with Antoine van der Lee - Part 1

In this episode, Leo talks with Antoine van der Lee of WeTransfer and SwiftLee about maintaining and migrating messy and old projects - how to refactor them, avoiding third party libraries, implementing a style guide, and more. Leo also gives some quick thoughts on this week Mac event with the M1 and let you know the latest in my conference appearances.

App Store Review Guidelines with Paweł Madej

In this episode, Leo chats with Paweł Madej, pharmacist turned iOS developer on his learning experience and what pitfalls devs should know about App Store reviews. We talk about what he learned during the submission process of his app CodeConf, as well as the major App Store stories of the year: Hey, Wordpress, xCloud and of course Fortnite.

Documenting Your Code with Bas Broek

In this episode, Leo talks with Bas Broek of Contravariance about documentation, how to present it, what tools are out there and more... oh yeah something about the iPhone 12 too

UI Design for Developers with Heidi Helen Pilypas

In this episode, Leo talks with Heidi Helen Pilypas about UI Design. We talk communication for developers, iOS 14 updates, Widgets, and SwiftUI.

Understanding Git with Ben Chatelain

In this episode, Leo talks with Ben Chatelain about Git. They chat about branching strategies, merging strategies, Xcode headaches, and... using emojis in your commit messages!😱🥳👏

A Very Remote Year with Jacob Gorban

In this episode, Leo talks with Jacob Gorban about being remote and what they've learning over the years being remote such as communication, keeping teams productive, managing iOS development and more.

Apple Watch 2020 with Steve Lipton

In this episode, Leo talks with Steve Lipton about the Apple Watch. We go into detail on the September Apple Event, watchOS 7, iOS 14 release, Apple Watch Series 6, and more.

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