Scaling and Security with Jeroen Leenarts

In this episode, Leo talks with Jeroen Leenarts of the AppForce1 podcast about he's learned this year being a lead developer and how he thinks teams can improve the scalability and security of their apps. He also talks about his year running a Cocoaheads meetup and starting podcast with all challenges of 2020.


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Working in 2020 and 2021

  • Why do podcasts in 2020 and 2021?
  • Running a Cocoaheads in 2020
  • Networking in 2020
  • Working from Home
  • Writing a Book in 2021

Dealing with Complexity in Your Code Base

  • Dealing with Large Teams
  • Keeping Your App Secure
  • Using the Keychain properly
  • How does ATS work
  • Dealing with Isolation and Repetition
  • Transitioning through Objective-C, Swift, and SwiftUI

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